Lash Extension Training Course

Lash & Blade 2 Day EYELASH EXTENSION Workshop combines classroom instruction that includes lecture, tutorials, demonstrations and practical applications of the fundamentals of Lash Extensions. You are learning the SAFE and PROPER way of applying lash extensions to insure your clients natural lash health will not be damaged and the art of applying individual lash extensions to each of your clients natural lashes. This service is extremely popular right now and only continues to grow.


This class is for a LICENSED
COSMETOLOGIST or ESTHETICIAN who can process information after demonstrations and hands-on instruction.


COST- $1200/$200 deposit upfront to secure your wanted dates (KIT INCLUDED- there are enough supplies in your kit to make this amount back PLUS more!!!)

1. Introduction
2. Anatomy of the eye and eyelashes

3. Client Consultation
4. Lash Types
5. Hygiene and Safety
6. Aftercare
7. Lash mapping and style
8. Sanitation
9. Marketing and business info
10. Adhesive ed.
11. Determine lash type, curl, and weight
12. Lash & Blade tips and tricks to gain and keep loyal clients, how to educate your clients on lash health to have the best retention for their investment in this service.
13. Fill Procedure
14. Lash Removal
15. Isolation vs Application and application process
16. Tools of the trade

Includes: Training, certification, full kit
Students will watch and work with their trainer during demos and then perform on live models in order to obtain certification!